Best Gaming Glasses

Introduction to gaming glasses


Choosing gaming glasses is not always an easy task. Many models are available on the market at very disparate prices. The ideal gaming pair of glasses doesn’t only meet price criteria and the best gaming glasses are not necessarily the most expensive. To help you choose the model that will suit you the most, we have developed a comparison of gaming glasses.

Don’t get ripped off (is it worth it?):

Gaming glasses usually costs less than eyeglasses. They are also part of most accessible gamers accessories. Many of factors affect price. The range is the most important among these factors. High-end models have optimum radiation removal and their mounts are made from high-quality materials such as carbon. The brand can also influence the price. Indeed, some more prestigious brands apply higher prices than those that are less known.

Top 3 best Gaming glasses

N ° 1: Gunnar Intercept Onyx Black visual against fatigue glasses

This model is part of the high performance gamer range of famous Gunnar brand. In addition to protecting the eyes against blue light, it also prevents eye fatigue when the eyes are exposed for long periods of time to a television screen, computer, smartphone or tablet. Its design is also one of the strengths of this model. Its standard frame and its sober color adapt in effect to all tastes. It will be regretted however its particularly high price compared to the other models of its range. The unenveloping mount of the Gunnar Intercept Onyx Black visual fatigue goggles also does not offer optimum protection when it is known that 30% of harmful radiation comes from the sides. However, the undeniable qualities of this model propelled him to the third step of the podium of our ranking.

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N°2: Gunnar Optiks MLG Phantom Onyx

Still from the American brand Gunnar, this model presents itself as a pair of glasses screens. It is therefore not only intended for gaming, but also for all users of screens (television, smartphones, computers …). It protects against the blue light of screens and prevents against the visual fatigue and the ocular drought. The integration of antiglare in its lenses will be noted in order to provide its users with optimum concentration. The model comes with a one year manufacturer’s warranty. Despite its many advantages, this pair of screen glasses does not always like its design. This remains in fact rather selective and basic. Lovers of more modern styles will not necessarily recognize it. Its price remains affordable since it is in the average of its range.

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N ° 3: Nowave eyewear gaming Cheap

This pair of Antifatigue gamer goggles has been chosen by our testers for its unique features. The oval design of its mount seduces directly by its originality. Designed in Italian style, this model is suitable for women as well as men. This mount is also very lightweight thanks to the stainless steel, nylon and carbon alloy from which it is manufactured. At the performance level, the Nowave goggles for computer screen, tablet, smartphone, TV and gaming eliminates blue light at 40% and ultraviolet radiation at 100%. It ensures optimum eye protection and prevents fatigue and eye dryness. The model also appears among the cheap gaming glasses since it costs only €45. One will note however its unique color rather selective. Yet the proposal of other colors would have been an important advantage for this model.

Nowave eyewear gaming Cheap

Why use screen Glasses?

Gentle reminder on Blue light

Blue light is today one of the greatest dangers to which our eyes are exposed. This is a radiation emitted by all television screens, computers or smartphones. The exposure to this blue light then seems to be inevitable, these tools that emit it become indispensable in our daily life. However, blue light has unfortunate effects on our eyes in the short and long term. In the short term, a strong exposure to this light causes eye fatigue, but also the redness of the eyes, their dryness and difficulties in finding sleep. In the long term, it can significantly increase the risk of eye disease such as cataract.

Eyes protection

Screen glasses have specific glasses. These glasses filter the blue light up to 70% depending on the model. This filtering allows to protect the eyes against this harmful radiation without affecting the colors. These colors actually play an important role in comfort and enjoyment especially when playing video games or watching videos. Goggles prevent the short term effects of blue light on the eyes and significantly reduce the risks incurred in the long term.

Multiple use

Blue screen glasses are not only used to prevent exposure to screens, but they are also equipped with ultraviolet filter. The majority of models available on the market eliminate this type of radiation up to 100%. Goggles can be used as sunglasses. Some models are also equipped with corrective lenses. They can be used as goggles for protection and correction of the view.

No alteration of images

Glasses that make up the computer goggles have been designed to not alter the colors and quality of the images by reducing blue light and ultraviolet rays. The pleasure of watching videos or playing games will not be reduced if you wear these glasses. Image quality could even be increased if you choose the models that incorporate anti-glare or anti flicker options.

Goggles that can be used without prescription

The use of goggles protection screens also does not always require the advice of a doctor. Majority of models available on the market are non-prescription computer eyeglasses. However, if you choose models that incorporate corrective lenses or if you present problems of view, consultation with an optician is advisable before purchasing and using this type of glasses. He will then be able to advise you on the most suitable model for your situation.

Three tips to protect your eyes from gaming sessions

Although the use of blue anti-light glasses does not usually require a doctor’s prescription, some precautions must be taken in order to make the most of it. The actions to be done are simple and do not require much effort.

√ Adjust the brightness of the screens

Before choosing to wear gaming glasses, it is advisable to adjust the brightness of the screens. The amount of  blue light emitted depends in effect on this brightness. The lower the brightness, the weaker the radiation will be. There are also applications that allow you to manage this brightness according to the time to adjust the radiation depending on the lighting of your environment.

√ Wear glasses at appropriate times

Although gamer goggles protect against blue light, it is not advisable to wear them all day long. Indeed, this light plays an important role in the circadian cycle (recognition of the day and night) of our organism. Depriving the eyes of this light could therefore deregulate the cycle of sleep. Their port is therefore best recommended at the end of the afternoon when fatigue begins to be felt at eye level. It is also advisable to wear them 1 to 3 hours before going to bed.

√ Consult an optician

Consultation with an optician is advisable for someone who has vision problems and wants to use screen glasses. In fact, the chosen model may not match the user’s eye conditions. In this case, the optician will be the only one to be able to define the type of suitable gaming pair of glasses.