Best Gaming Microphone (for gaming and streaming)

Many people are content with the microphone built into their headphones. If you play for a long time, you probably know more than 90% of the headphones on the market. You also know that the microphone is not necessarily their strong point. It is possible to perfect the sound and communication in the video games. This is especially true if you want to use a studio-quality headphones or even a headset with no built-in microphone.

You only have the hassle of choosing if you are looking for a high quality micro gaming. Here are some features to consider:

  • Your budget;
  • Hardware compatibility;
  • The type of micro.

Discover our selection of the 10 best MICRO USB Gaming of the moment:

1.      Microphone for headphones Zalman ZM-Mic1.

Impossible to make cheaper than Zalman ZM-Mic1, therefore, we included it in this list. It is a very affordable option to consider. This microphone allows you to turn any headphones into a micro-headset, which opens unlimited possibilities for the choice of headphones that you will put on your head when you play. Simply plug it into the jack on your computer, hook it to the cable of your headphones and the trick is played. You now have a personalized headset with a very affordable microphone.

Check price -> Zalman ZM-Mic1.

2.     Micro USB KLIM Talk.

Micro USB KLIM Talk holds a place of favorites in our top because it’s audio quality (simply sumptuous) in fact probably one of the best microphones at very low price for video games. Indeed it has a patented audio pop filter that ensures a recording of your voice only by filtering outside sounds and crackles. But what we like first and foremost with this microphone is its high quality range at a price of the most affordable. Little more for its simple design that does not take up space and its compatibility Mac and PC.

Check price -> USB KLIM Talk.

3.     Micro USB compact Samson Go.

Samson Go mic is a very good choice of high-end micro gaming that can be plugged into a USB port. We love its foolproof compatibility and compact size, it will fit without any problem on your desktop between your keyboard, your mouse and your screen. You can either hang it on a computer or put it on your desk (or your living room table if you play on the console). Very affordable, it’s of much better quality than the microphones available at Darty or Boulanger. It will suit you beautifully if you are looking for a good quality affordable micro gaming that will withstand better than the first price plastic accessories.

Micro USB compact Samson Go.

4.     Micro USB Blue Snowball.

We love the compact and original design of the Blue Snowball. Therefore, we have included three models of Blue microphones in our top 10. The Snowball is their entry-level model, it’s positioned on a small tripod and it is offered in many colors (silver, orange, blue, black, pink, green, mauve). It plugs into a USB port and has a double-capsule technology for a higher-than-average quality. This is a very good compromise if you don’t have the budget for the Yeti Pro. For only €60, it is a purchase that you will not regret thanks to its audio quality and its unique design.

5.     Studio mic to capacitor CAD U37 USB.

We now enter into the category of capacitor microphones that offer a richer and warmer sound. The CAD U37 offers a so-called cardioid directionality, which helps to isolate your voice from background noise. If you are in a silent room, you can leave your mic open constantly and talk when necessary without the need to use a keyboard shortcut. If you are using discord, Teamspeak, or a similar program, you will need to configure it correctly. This device of excellent quality plugs into a USB port, it is accompanied by a small support.

Check price -> CAD U37 USB.

6.     Cardioid condenser microphone Audio-Technica ATR2500-USB (used by Inboxes, DrdisRespect -> 2020 version)

This condenser microphone that plugs into USB port is manufactured by Audio Technica. The reason why the ATR2500-USB is at the same price as the previous cardioid mic is that its support is not included. You will need to buy one separately, we also recommend the microphone bracket Hamilton Nu-Era Tabletop mic stand. If you opt for a condenser microphone, this product is an excellent choice. Its built-in jack that will allow you to connect headphones to control the power of the mic and adjust the volume through the built-in controller.

Yeti is one of our favorite microphones, it is also recommended by many Internet sites and receives very positive reviews on Amazon. It’s one of the best micro gaming, it features three capacitor capsules that allow you to get exceptional audio recording quality. You can also control certain technical aspects directly on the device (amplification, silence, etc.). It is both PC and MAC compatible and plugs into a USB port. It can be configured according to several directionalities: Stereo, cardioid, omnidirectional or two-way (saves at the front and rear, ideal for video games). With several hundred opinions, he receives the rating of 4.5/5 on Amazon. If your portfolio allows you, check out its Pro version in the rest of this article which offers even better sound quality.

Check price ->Audio-Technica ATR2500-USB

8.     Micro USB Samson G Track.

We continue to mount in range with this Samson G Track device. This microphone is a little more imposing, it features a 19 mm diaphragm and a super cardioid directivity ideal for noise suppression, allowing 16-bit recording in 48 kHz resolution. Like most of the microphones we recommend, it plugs into USB. We have included it because the quality of its capacitor is superior to that of the other microphones. You can adjust the amplification and connect another sound source via its Jack (watch out for your teammates ears). It is accompanied by its own support which will adapt perfectly to your office. Its qualities make it one of the best microphones for video games if you have a substantial budget.

Check price -> Samson G Track.

9.     Micro Blue Yeti Pro USB.

Blue Yeti Pro is the premium version of the blue Yeti presented above. If your budget allows you to do so, it offers better performance than the previous seven. We enter the very high-end, but it is much more than just a gadget. Like the Yeti, it offers four directionality settings: cardioid, stereo, two-way (recommended for gaming) or omni-directional, in case you record videos for example. It is also accompanied by an integrated headphone amplifier for a prompt control of its many features (volume, Choice of directivity, silence and amplification). The frequency response is 15Hz-22 kHz (very high). It comes with a very practical and very stylish support that will place without problems next to your screen.

Check price -> Micro Blue Yeti Pro USB.

10.    Microphone for voice Shure PG42-USB.

Some consider that the Shure micro PG42 is close to the Yeti Pro, but we still studied it because it is a bit more expensive. Plugged into a USB port, it has an integrated preamplifier to increase the signal power (really convenient). It also has a jack plug to connect headphones and control the many settings it offers. This microphone is extremely sensitive, so it is advisable to buy an anti pop filter and a foam acoustic screen to reduce noise. If you don’t have the budget for these, you can settle for the Yeti.

Check price -> Shure PG42-USB

11.     The Rode NTG2 Condenser Microphone.

Finally, the latest product from our list is a little different and comes out of the ordinary. Rode NTG2 is the most expensive of our selection and is not within reach of all. But its quality is simply exceptional. It can really be worth it if you are considering other uses than gaming. It is a Canon micro, which differs greatly from the classical microphones in terms of appearance and performance. Canon-type mics are usually used to remove noise from the sides and back. They only record the sound from the front. It is equipped with a two-stage high pass filter and a metal design that offers good resistance. The opinions on this microphone are very positive, if you have the means and want to acquire an object that comes out of the ordinary, this is one of the best microphones in the market for video games.

Check price -> Rode NTG2