Best Mouse For h1z1

In a fps game, the mouse is an important part of your stuff. A gaming mouse should be more accurate than a general mouse. Moreover, you should be able to customize the tracking sensitivity (DPI) to adapt your mouse to your playing style. You have two ways to choose: you read tons of reviews and comments or you just take the exact same mouse than a pro player. This what I did !

Most Used Mouse In h1z1

So, let’s have a look and summarize what pros do (based on Twitch descriptions):

Stormen: Final Mouse (TP 2016 version, not available)

Top 3

Top 1 : Zowie

You probably don’t know Zowie which arrived on the market there is only few years ago and which does not use aggressive marketing. Zowie was made by professional players and engineers from others brands.

Zowie uses the Avago ADNS-3310 sensor, which is (in 2017) the most successful renowned sensor. You should ask me, what is the difference between or  or vs ?

Here is the answer :

difference zowie

It’s just a question of size !


Top 2 : Razer Deathadder Elite (same price, lowest quality)

Don’t get me wrong ! Razer mouses are very good. The only thing is in term of robustness. In fact, Razer is a very good brand and tons of pro gamers and streamers use Razer accessories (as you can see on the Ninja h1z1 settings page for example). Nevertheless, if you pay attention to reviews and comments, you will see that a lot of buyers notice problems after a period of time (the click button don’t work anymore etc..).

Top 3 : Logitech G303 (low price, good quality !)

The Logitech G303 gaming mouse has probably the best price/performance ratio :). The Logitech G303 is used by one of the most impressive h1z1 player (yeah, just take a look at the ErycTriceps h1z1 settings page).

The optical sensor PMW 3366 allows to rise until 12 000 dpi, what is impressive. The mosue includes a function of anti-smoothing. In other words, the mouse does not correct the trajectory and reproduces exactly the movements of the player.

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