A list of reliable websites to buy, trade and bet h1z1 skins !


Best website to bet h1z1 skins

Top website: h1z1stakes

H1Z1STAKES is a newly started H1Z1:KotK Betting website. They use a on-site virtual inventory which means you deposit your skins to your inventory on the site. When you have deposited items you can use these items to bet on the different gamemodes on-site without any deals (e.g steam tradeoffers).

Coinflip GameMode: You can either create or join a coinflip game, where the odds are 50/50% with a 10% margin.

Jackpot GameMode: The original skinbetting gamemode, you deposit your skins to the jackpot pot, when the timer has ended a random ticket is selected as a winner. The more skins you bet, the higher your chance is.

The on-site inventory system: Since the site uses a on-site inventory system, you are able to deposit & withdraw items without any delays. So when you are done with betting or just want to withdraw your winnings you can do so. When you want to bet again, just add the skins back to your on-site inventory.


They just announced their $1000 Launch giveaway, which includes 20x red sets and 5 animated weapon-skins. You can participate in the giveaway here !

Something like that should be good, if you check our giveaway you can click (refer friends for extra entries) and you can use that link and post on the custom page so when people click to get to the giveaway, you’ll get entries.