30 Things You Need To Know About h1z1

Source: This is from the amazing guide made by Pineaqples, please join him on Twitch and Twitter.

What you need to know if you are a newbie

– Hold Left ALT to unlock your camera for a free view around your character

– Increasing your Field of View to 70+ will allow you to see further away from your character in 3rd person.

– All weapons are viable, don’t think a pistol isn’t worth it in the first 30 seconds of a match.

– There is an auto-run key (defaulted to =+) which is a lifesaver in many situations.

– Explosion Damage (Frags, Biofuel, Molotovs, Explosive Arrows, Barrels) do not go through walls; however, Gas Grenade damage will go through walls.

– Holding SHIFT while scoped with the Hunting Rifle will steady your aim.

– The max render distance you want is 1500, anything higher is a waste. There are keybinds to adjust render distance in increments. [ lowers render by 500 and ] increases render by 500. If you have low FPS use 500 in cities, 1500 in fields. 500 is the furthest players render in, 1500 is the furthest draw distance for vehicles. All game information available stops at 1500 and anything above that is unnecessary on your CPU. Find some examples of h1z1 settings.

– You can jump off a building or tall location and prevent falling damage by entering a vehicle before you hit the ground. i.e aim and jump for the car and spam your interact (default: F) key

– All items have a specific weight to them, you can find out values by hovering over the items and looking for the lock. Some common values: Helmet (250) Laminated (500) Makeshift (325) Biofuel (40) Medkits (25)

– First off, you need a Tan Military Backpack, a Waist Pack, Shirt and Pants, for max inventory space: 2400.

– Smoke grenades can and will save your life after a fight. Use them to cover yourself while you heal.

– You can press the Interact Key to craft a single item or you can hold the Interact Key to craft the maximum amount of an item.

– A Laminated Body Armor can soak up to 2 shots to the body. A Makeshift Body Armor can soak 1 shot. A damaged laminate is always better than a makeshift armor due to the space required to carry each. Since the Laminated is 500 bulk and the Makeshift is 325 bulk, it’s more efficient to wear the Laminated and carry the makeshift.

– It’s more efficient to carry the supplies to craft a makeshift armor and make one on the fly instead of carrying a crafted one in your backpack.

– If you are having trouble winning games, try going into more fights to practice. You can’t win the game if you can’t kill the last few remaining.

– Magnums are the fastest way to destroy a car: -8% condition for every shot hit.

– Biofuel can be used as a bomb if placed on the ground and shot. 3 Rifle shots to prime, 4th to detonate. Example: http://bit.ly/2heHFPW Note: If you pick up the biofuel, it must be primed again if you place it back on the ground.

– There are red explosive barrels located throughout the map – they will explode and kill people in the vicinity. To detonate them: 3 rifle shots / 1 shotgun shot / 1 magnum shot.

– Always move when against an object to prevent anyone from lining up a free headshot against your character. Best example: Spam Crouch

– Left Clicking items in a body bag places it in your inventory instantly as long as you have enough room available.

– ‘Pre-medding’ is using a First-Aid before an engagement to allow healing in combat and to keep you alive after a trade. Good against rifle spray engagements and in combination with a Procoagulant.

– Pressing ‘K’ while driving a vehicle will cut the engine, allowing you to ‘ghost’ your car at a reduced volume. Tires are still able to be heard on all surfaces.

– If you load a gun and then place it in your backpack, the gun will remain loaded. This is particularly useful for throwables and magnums.

– Throwables can be loaded if you put them into your hand and hold right click – this allows you to throw them faster later!

– Almost every door will spawn closed on the map, open doors are a telltale sign that players have been there or are nearby.

– You can break windows and jump through them to make a quick entry or escape. This includes the narrow ones on the exterior of houses and the very top of warehouse buildings.

– You can also break through certain walls found throughout buildings indicated by a cracked surface. Example

– Running with your hands out does not make you run faster than with a weapon.

– Different Shoes in the game have various effects on speed and sound.

BONUS: Some helpful aiming tips

Using hip-fire up close is usually better than ADS (Aim Down Sights)

First person is much more effective than most people think

Aim for the head – 2 taps are one of the fastest ways to kill someone

Steady your aim, lower your sensitivity. It’ll improve your consistency.

Rifles can be sprayed accurately with practice – start with burst fires and then work up to full spray.