H1Z1 Ultimate Vehicles Guide

Source: This is from the amazing guide made by Pineaqples, please join him on Twitch and Twitter.


Vehicles Spawns

All vehicles spawn with 4 internal parts: Sparkplugs, Battery, Boost, and Hotwire.
While parachuting, usable vehicles will be the first to render in from the sky, broken down vehicles will not render in until you are much closer to the ground.
All fresh vehicles spawn with a Key and one can of Biofuel; both can be removed and placed into your inventory.
All vehicles spawn with 100% condition.
Police, Jeep, and Truck spawn with 75% Biofuel and ATV spawns with 100% biofuel.
A Vehicle Key can be used to start any working car on the map.

Where do they spawn ?


All credits for this map go to Dingception – Twitch and Twitter ! Thanks !

What you need to know

If you have no key, you can right click on the Hotwire part and begin starting the car; the entire process takes 7 seconds and must be redone every time the engine is cut.
Biofuel restores 25% Fuel per can in cars and 50% fuel per can in ATVs
When using a car as cover, place your feet behind the tires of the vehicle to protect them. An experienced player will shoot your feet for full damage.
The outlines of objects in the gas are easier to see while driving in First Person.
You are able to drift in all vehicles by holding SHIFT + SPACEBAR + 2 Directional keys. Example:
If you flip your vehicle over, you can flip it back over by standing next to it and holding your interact key.

You are able to change seats in a vehicle if it’s stationary.
Ctrl + 1 – Driver Seat
Ctrl + 2 – Passenger Seat
Ctrl + 3 – Back Left Seat
Ctrl + 4 – Back Right Seat
Ctrl + 5 – Back Middle Seat (Unable to shoot)

You can check if your guns are loaded while driving if you move your key from the slot to your backpack.

Vehicle Condition

When a vehicle reaches certain percentages, it emits indications of damage for all players to see:

 100% Condition – Pristine
 75% Condition – Light Smoke
 50% Condition – Medium Smoke
 20% Condition – Fire along the wheels Begins  self-degrading condition
 10% Condition – Fire along entire underside Degrades at a even faster rate
 0% Condition – Vehicle is destroyed.

When a vehicle is destroyed, some items that are stored in the trunk will survive the explosions such as Laminated/Makeshift Body Armor, Helmets, Biofuel, Ammo, and Medkits.

Types of Vehicles

Police Car: The most effective vehicle for travelling the map and pursuing/escaping enemies, this should be the higher prioritized vehicle on the map for multiple situations.

Jeep: The best vehicle for crossing off-road terrain and the most cover per single vehicle. This should be the second prioritized vehicle on the map.

Truck: The worst vehicle in speed, control, and vulnerability. Only use if necessary to travel the map. This is the easiest vehicle to be killed in.

ATV: High speed vehicle with no cover – takes double damage from falling and bullets. Useful to navigate the map and reposition in fights.

Vehicles Speed

Rated from Fastest to Slowest: Police Car > ATV > Jeep > Truck
Rated from Best to Worst Cover: Jeep > Police Car > Truck > ATV
Rated from Best to Worst Handling: Jeep > Police Car > ATV > Truck